John Cusack, Rob Corddry Ride ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’

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CHICAGO – What man approaching or in middle age wouldn’t love to go back to when they were in their physical, sexual, and alcohol-imbibing prime and not just feel young again but perhaps even correct a few mistakes that led to a disappointing life? This is the human theme of the surprisingly funny and consistent “Hot Tub Time Machine,” a crowd-pleasing ode to the days of “Miami Vice” and “Alf” that delivers on multiple levels without being quite perfect or groundbreaking. Oscarman rating: 3.5/5.0
Rating: 3.5/5.0

Of course, not all comedies need to be groundbreaking. The mega-hit “The Hangover” made a fortune and even won a Golden Globe for Best Picture merely by displaying men behaving badly and “Hot Tub Time Machine” is likely to strike a similar chord worth audiences and, hopefully, be as big a hit. It’s a better movie.

StarRead Brian Tallerico’s full review of “Hot Tub Time Machine” in our reviews section.

The most spoiler-titled film since “Snakes on a Plane” opens by introducing its four primary characters: Adam (John Cusack), Nick (Craig Robinson), Lou (Rob Corddry), and Jacob (Clark Duke). Adam is a the de facto leader of the group but he has trouble holding together relationships; friend or female. Nick has a sh*tty job (literally) and a henpecking wife who made him take her last name and could be cheating on him. Jacob is Adam’s nephew and he merely sits in the basement playing video games all day. Finally, Lou is the kind of guy described as an a-hole even by his so-called friends.

The action of the film kicks in when Lou is sent to the hospital after an apparent suicide attempt. The quartet ends up being forced to monitor Lou for a few days and decides to head to the site of the best days of their youth - a ski lodge called Kodiak Valley. Of course, the last quarter-century hasn’t been kind to the ski party industry and the gang finds themselves at a decrepit lodge with nothing to do but get wasted in the hot tub. The title kicks in and they wake up in 1986 just in time for Winterfest (featuring Poison!) and one of the most important nights of their life.

‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ stars John Cusack, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, Clark Duke, Lizzy Caplan, Crispin Glover, and Chevy Chase. It was written by Steve Pink and Sean Anders & John Morris and directed by Pink. It opened on March 26th, 2010. It is rated R.

StarContinuing reading for Brian Tallerico’s full “Hot Tub Time Machine” review.

Hot Tub Time Machine
Hot Tub Time Machine
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Cusack's receeding hairline,fat belly, and acting SUCK BIG TIME

John Cusack looks as fat and old as the rest of the others in the picture. He is not handsome or dashing like he used to be. What Cusack doesn’t realize is that his new film will crash and fail miserably and that only die hard Cusack fans will only go to see it. What will become of John Cusack after his hairline receeds a bit more? What kind of films will he be making then? I know……Cusack will make a film about some fat over the hill guy ( starring HIMSELF ) that does not have anthing better to do except go to Mets games drink Miller Lite, eat hot dogs, get drunk, and try to flirt with 22 year old girls that are walking up and down the isles with short skirts on selling beer and popcorn. Cusack if you read this, know that your career is already in the shitter and will be flushed sooner than you think…… ——————Tired_Of_Stupid_Has_Been_Actors

Anonymous's picture

The Difference Between Cusack And Jackman

Hugh Jackman is the sexiest man alive. He should make more films and ostracize John Cusack from the motion picture industry. Hugh Jackman is personable, polite, and lots of fun. I met him once and he smiled and gave me a hug and so did his wife. John Cusack is a stuck up full of himself has been actor who has to wear baggy shirts to hide his spare tire waistline. Hugh Jackman has the body of a twenty five year old I heard his wife say on an interview once that Hugh is a great lover. I bet John Cusack cannot even keep an erection for five minutes which is why he is always dating and looking at women because he cannot find any woman stupid enough to keep him long enough to actually marry him. John Cusack is a weird Hollywood personality that is fading away. Hugh Jackman is the type of person who has a heart of gold and loves people. I have seen both these men at public interviews and wow what a difference between the two. Hugh Jackman has a wife that is about ten or more years his senior but he loves her so much and he shows it. John Cusack does his interviews like it causes him physical pain to answer a question and like he is getting a pelvic exam by some quack doctor that does not know how to shove a speculum up someone’s ass sideways. Hugh Jackman has a gleem in his eyes and that is real star quality which is why Hugh Jackman will be making one blockbuster after another long after John Cusack has been kicked out of the motion picture industry, cannot write or produce any material worth reading, and has run out of ideas for any actual good movie material. Compare Hugh Jackman in his role of Wolverine and then look at John Cusack in the picture above. Which one of these two actors would you spend your thirty bucks to go see at the movies?

Yours truly,

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