On-Air Film Review: A Fitting Group of Blockheads in ‘Tetris’


CHICAGO – Patrick McDonald of appears on “The Morning Mess” with Scott Thompson on WBGR-FM (Monroe, Wisconsin) on March 30th, 2023, reviewing “Tetris,” the 1980s origin of the addictive video game. Currently in theaters, since March 31st.

Video Game News: Nintendo Wii U Details Released, Major Third-Party Support Announced

Nintendo Wii U

CHICAGO – Despite the Wii U being the focal point of Nintendo’s E3 keynote address, details on the system’s pricing and release date were conspicuously absent. Those details were filled in today via a special event held in New York City. The Wii U will be available on November 18th, and come in two flavors, a bare-bones version with 8 gigs of storage at $299.99, and a deluxe version, with a game stand, charging station, free game, 32 gigs of storage, and sleek black finish, for 349.99.

Video Game Review: ‘New Super Mario Bros. 2’ Offers Old-Fashioned Diversion For New-Gen Platform

CHICAGO – One can never argue that Nintendo doesn’t know how to treat their most beloved properties. Every few months seems to produce a game featuring one of the icons of the most important video game company in history and the latest is “New Super Mario Bros. 2,” a tweaked version of the classic now presented in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.

Video Game Feature: Nintendo Plans Next Generation Assault with Wii U

CHICAGO – An art space in the West Loop was recently turned into a showcase for the next Nintendo console, the highly-anticipated Nintendo Wii U and we were there to get our hands on the exciting new system. What can gamers expect from the next generation of Nintendo games? Does it mark a massive step forward or a gradual one?

Video Game Review: ‘Super Mario 3D Land’ is Best Nintendo 3DS Title

CHICAGO – Nintendo has arguably received more negative press than at any other time in their existence regarding the lack of must-own titles for their newest product, the Nintendo 3DS. Why upgrade to 3D if there are no games that demand it? Every single console has been driven by the software available for it.

Video Game Review: ‘Frogger 3D’ Exemplifies Flaws of New Handheld

CHICAGO – “Frogger 3D” should have been a slam dunk. Take a beloved, nostalgic franchise and upgrade it for an exciting new console.

Video Game Review: ‘The Conduit 2’ Disappoints With More of the Same

The Conduit 2

CHICAGO – Two years ago when “The Conduit” was released for the Nintendo Wii, I wrote a review that claimed that it would “open the door for more shooters” for the console that never seemed too adept at releasing them. Sadly, development for the Nintendo Wii actually seemed to go in the other direction, as the machine seems now to be in that tragic phase when it’s being essentially ignored in favor of the next system (which Nintendo will reportedly announce at E3).

Video Game Review: Legendary Character Rocks in ‘Donkey Kong Country Returns’

CHICAGO – There’s no more accomplished gaming company in history than Nintendo when it comes to not only keeping classic characters vital but finding ways to reboot beloved properties from the past.

Video Game Review: Daring, Innovative ‘Metroid: Other M’

CHICAGO – In many circles, Samus Aran is as iconic as Pac-Man, Mario, Link, and whichever video game character turned you into a hopeless addict. I can vividly remember experiencing the ending of the first “Metroid” game so, SO many years ago and the legendary franchise is still going strong with the accomplished and innovative “Metroid: Other M.”

Video Game Review: ‘Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles’ Delivers Action You Need

The Darkside Chronicles

CHICAGO – Fans of the “Resident Evil” franchise and rail shooters in general (two parties of which I would definitely claim membership) should not let the excellent “The Darkside Chronicles” pass them by and I believe even newcomers to either zombie games or Wii shooting titles will find something to like in this expertly conceived title with only one significant flaw.

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  • Trade Federation, Otherworld Theatre

    CHICAGO – Theatrical satires of the Star Wars Universe are like the number of TV series the universe has wrought … too many to figure out if anything is worthwhile. But “Trade Federation” (subtitled “Or Let’s Explore Globalization Through the Star Wars Prequels”), presented by Otherworld Theatre in Wrigleyville Chicago, gets it right on.

  • Omi Hopper, NEXT LEVEL CHEF

    CHICAGO – Omi Hopper is competing … and still survives … on the second season of “Next Level Chef,” the TV cooking show on FOX hosted by Gordon Ramsay. The social media viral star, who created a following with her approach to traditional Puerto Rican dishes, is still in play as the show winds down to the finale on May 11th.

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