Little Big Planet

Video Game Feature: Hands-On With the Sony PlayStation Vita

CHICAGO – It feels like there’s a new must-have electronic toy every quarter. Do you have an iPad 2? iPhone 4S? Nintendo 3DS? Whatever that obnoxious SuperBowl commercial with The Darkness was shilling? It can get exhausting, especially if you don’t have the expendable income to get them all. So why should you buy a Sony PlayStation Vita?

Video Game Review: Kids Will Enjoy Trip to ‘Disney Universe’

Disney Universe

CHICAGO – “Disney Universe” plays not unlike the legendary company’s attempt to replicate the customizable success and platforming simplicity of “Little Big Planet” (with a bit of “LEGO” smash-and-collect thrown in). Sony’s amazing franchise works not only because the platform/level design is amazing but because it allows inclined players to spend hours (and lots of cash) on ways to customize their sack boy.

Video Game Review: Inspiring, Creative World of Sony’s ‘Little Big Planet 2’

CHICAGO – The first quarter of 2010 was the best of the calendar in the world of video games with stunning titles like “Mass Effect 2,” “Battlefield: Bad Company 2” and “Heavy Rain”.

Video Game Review: Create Your Own World in ‘ModNation Racers’

CHICAGO – Blending the worlds of “Super Mario Kart” and “Little Big Planet,” Sony’s “ModNation Racers” will be the perfect summer title for players who like their racing a little more cartoonish than most speed-based titles and for those who love to make a title their own. Grafting the “LBP” customization and game creation model on to a racing world makes for a unique release that will serve as a length diversion for some but not all.

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