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Blu-ray Review: Preposterously Bad ‘The Double’ Embarrasses Cast, Insults Audience

The Double Blu-ray

CHICAGO – Avid moviegoers like to pride themselves on their ability to predict twists and turns prior to their occurrence in a script. This is often the result of formulaic writing and creaky clichés, but in the case of Michael Brandt’s “The Double,” no exemplary knowledge of cinema is necessary to foretell every last plot point. Only functional eyesight and an IQ above zero are required.

Blu-Ray Review: Amazing Series Ends With ‘The Twilight Zone: Season 5’

The Twilight Zone Season 5

CHICAGO – has never heaped as much praise on one series of releases as the season sets for one of the best shows of all time — “The Twilight Zone”. Did you really think we would change our tune with the fifth and final season of this amazingly-influential program? Of course not. Complete your collection.

Blu-Ray Review: ‘The Twilight Zone: Season 4’ Rocks Classic TV Fans

The Twilight Zone Season 4

CHICAGO – I know that we’re starting to sound like a broken record here. If you check our coverage of the previous three season sets of “The Twilight Zone,” you’ll see that they’re among the highest-praised ever covered on this site. Guess what? The fourth season doesn’t break the pattern.

Blu-Ray Review: ‘Kites’ Excites in Hollywood, Bollywood Versions

Kites Blu-Ray

CHICAGO – The more Bollywood pictures I see, the more I understand the odd appeal of a film like Baz Luhrmann’s “Moulin Rouge,” which remains near the top of my Greatest Guilty Pleasures list. Why guilty? Because even I can understand why many people hate it. The picture is loud, chaotic, stupendously over the top, and staggeringly drunk on the sheer movieness of movies. That may be why I love it.

Blu-Ray Review: ‘The Twilight Zone: Season 3’ Continues Spectacular Series

The Twilight Zone Season 3

CHICAGO – The first two seasons of “The Twilight Zone” were two of the best Blu-ray releases of 2010, absolute heaven for fans of the classic TV show. With “The Twilight Zone: Season 3,” Image Entertainment has done it again, delivering an amazing collection of pristinely-transfered episodes with literally days worth of special features to keep fans busy. These releases are an easy choice for the best series of TV on Blu-ray yet released.

Blu-Ray Review: ‘The Twilight Zone: Season 2’ is Heaven For TV Fans

CHICAGO – Image Entertainment released a spectacular Blu-ray release in September of “The Twilight Zone: Season 1,” an amazing set that will surely be mentioned when our year-end “Best Blu-rays of the Year” feature debuts in a few weeks. With “The Twilight Zone: Season 2” following quickly on its heels just two months later, the only concern was if they would drop the ball with the second release. Instead they have hit another home run.

Blu-Ray Review: Amazing Release of ‘The Twilight Zone: Season 1’

CHICAGO – Enter the middle ground between light and shadow with the amazing Blu-ray release of the first season of one of the best television programs of all time — “The Twilight Zone”.

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