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Interview: Actor Jill Thiel on Eclectic Full Contact Theatre ‘The Wonder,’ Thru May 13, 2023

Jill Thiel

CHICAGO – One of the oddest cases of unknown Illinois history involves the “Watseka Wonder.” In the the 19th Century, the tiny town in the Land of Lincoln drew nationwide attention for a certified case of “spiritual” possession.

Theater Review: Morality of Gender Identity on Display in ‘[Trans]formation’


CHICAGO – The issue of gender identity, especially for those who are born with a vagueness as to what to call themselves between/beyond boy and girl, has come front and center in the U.S., both with the legalization of gay marriage and the callous repudiation of identity by trying to pass laws dismissing it (the North Carolina “bathroom” laws). The performance companies of The Living Canvas and Nothing Without a Company is currently staging “[Trans]formation,” which presents gender identity art by six performers, who perform most of the play in the nude.

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