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Video Game Review: ‘NBA 2K12’ Brings Sport Home During Lockout

CHICAGO – “NBA 2K12” is tough. And I mean that in the most complimentary way. I’m old enough to remember basketball games that were all about the timing of a button press but 2K Sports has revolutionized the way we simulate the game in the comfort of our own homes. The detailed controls along with the best audio/video presentation yet produced for this award-winning series make this a strong contender for the best sports game of the year.

Video Game Review: ‘Top Spin 4’ Features Great Simulation of Difficult Sport

Top Spin 4

CHICAGO – Is there any sport less attuned to a video game simulation than tennis? I don’t think so. The actual sport involves so much physical coordination and timing that it’s just impossible to fully recreate with a controller in your hands. Having a motion controller helps (and the PS3 copy of “Top Spin 4” is Move-enabled), but there’s still something about tennis that seems to fight the world of gaming even when it’s as remarkably well-done as “Top Spin 4.”

Video Game Review: ‘NBA 2K11’ Continues Excellence in Sports Gaming With Michael Jordan

CHICAGO – The learning curve may be steep enough that casual gamers could get thrown off by a title that demands a lot of its players but once you get the hang of “NBA 2K11” it becomes one of the most addictive and accomplished sports games ever made.

Chicago Bulls Legend Michael Jordan to Be Cover Star of ‘NBA 2K11’

NBA 2K11 Michael Jordan Announcement

CHICAGO – 2K Sports announced today that the legendary Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan would grace the cover of “NBA 2K11,” to hit stores on October 5th, 2010. Just as the current season is ending with a potentially historic finals game between the longtime rivals Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, 2K Sports looks to the past of the popular sport for the next installment of their hit franchise.

Video Game Review: ‘MLB 2K10’ Improves Franchise But Team Still Needs Work

MLB 2K10

CHICAGO – Last year’s baseball game courtesy of 2K Sports, “MLB 2K9,” was so glitch-heavy and poorly constructed that I assumed all of the wrinkles would be ironed out in the newest edition, “MLB 2K10”. To the credit of 2K Games and Visual Concepts, a lot of the problems have been streamlined but the game is still unacceptably glitch-heavy, resulting in an experience that is only intermittently rewarding. It’s kind of like being a Cubs fan.

Video Game Review: ‘NBA 2K10’ Dunks Over ‘NBA Live 10’

NBA 2K10

CHICAGO – It’s the same story every year. 2K Sports and Electronic Arts release their basketball video games at the same time and it’s impossible not to contrast and compare. This critic was looking forward to writing something like a scorecard, choosing which title wins in different fields like graphics, gameplay, presentation, etc.

Video Game Review: ‘Major League Baseball 2K9’ Hits Hard But Pops Up to the Warning Track

HollywoodChicago.com Video Game Rating: 3.0/5.0
Video Game Rating: 3.0/5.0

CHICAGO – Playing 2K Sports’ “Major League Baseball 2K9” reminds me of spending an average season as a diehard fan of the Chicago Cubs. It starts with so much promise and there’s a lot to love through the bulk of the year. There are a few wins here and there and some really good times, but, at the end of the season, you’re usually left crying in your beer, wondering what the hell just happened.

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