TV Review: FOX Starts Eighth Season of ‘Bones’ with Action-Packed Episode

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CHICAGO – With the end of “House,” FOX’s “Bones” is now the longest-running drama on the network and one of the longest-running series on any channel on network TV. David Boreanaz has essentially been on TV for two decades now with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel,” and “Bones.” I think even fans of the show have to be surprised that it’s survived this long. But is it still any good? Surprisingly, yes. The premiere of the eighth season has a lot of plot to get through to reunite Bones (Emily Deschanel) with Booth (Boreanaz) and so it’s hard to tell how creatively vibrant the show will be all year but the show’s incredibly charismatic ensemble still seems vital enough to justify the program’s longevity. Television Rating: 3.5/5.0
Television Rating: 3.5/5.0

At the end of last season, Brennan had to go on the run after being framed for murder by the nefarious Pelant (Andrew Leeds). Naturally, that’s where the action picks up this year as everyone who cares about Bones is trying to clear her name. While Brennan works with her father (Ryan O’Neal) to not only stay clear of the FBI but keep her daughter safe, everyone back at the lab searches to find the evidence that will set her free.

Of course, it’s Brennan herself that gives Hodgins (TJ Thyne), Angela (Michaela Conlin), Camille (Tamara Taylor), Sweets (John Francis Daley), and Booth the tools they need to save the day when she uncovers and even examines a long-dead body that could be related to Pelant before calling it into the police. If they can tie Pelant to the murder of the discovered bones, could they trip him up in a way that frees Bones? Or even buy themselves enough time to prove that Pelant doctored the surveillance footage that sent their beloved on the run in the first place?

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“Bones” has been a good-not-great show for seven years now with some peak seasons where it felt as fun and confident as anything in its mystery-solving genre and some seasons where it felt a bit repetitive and actually rather dull. Interestingly, the show seems to have survived the union of Booth and Brennan unharmed unlike most shows that turn their flirtatious pair into lovers. Deschanel and Boreanaz have always had solid chemistry and the two actors are charismatic enough to make the replacement of their flirtation with actual love remain interesting. The supporting cast has also been long-underrated and the stability on the show has created some interesting relationships over the years. If “Bones” had replaced most of its crew over the years, the emotion of how characters like Angela and Camille respond to Brennan’s predicament wouldn’t resonate.

Where does “Bones” go from here? As the “CSI”s and “Law & Order”s have proven, there will always be mysteries to solve. I’ve long liked the way that “Bones” emphasizes the rapport and personalities around the murders as much as the crime itself. It’s what has distinguished the show for going on eight seasons while so many similar shows have come and gone.

“Bones” stars Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, TJ Thyne, Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor, and John Francis Daley. It returns on Monday, September 17, 2012 at 7pm CST. content director Brian Tallerico

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Great-not-good show!

I totally disagree. Bones has been a great show since I started watching in season three. If anything, season one and two were good. But since then it has been great! They consistently surprise me. Make me laugh. Make me cry. Yes, I have cried watching Bones. I love all the people on the show. Great casting. John Francis Daley was a great addition. David B. is sexy as hell. Emily is beautiful and interesting to watch. And the show is so funny! Where else can you find that? Plus, it’s scary. The Pelant story-line freaks me the hell out. He seems like such a normal guy but he does such bad things. It’s almost as if he could be one of the Bones team if he didn’t have the evil part. I love the whole cat-and-mouse of that storyline and I’m excited that it will be around all season. I’m also excited that to finally see Brennan and Booth finally trying to start their lives together with a family. Wonder if they can make it work. Thank you Hart and Stephen and all the writers and producers and directors.

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I totally agree that Bones

I totally agree that Bones is a fantastic show; I hope they keep it going for a very long time. I love the chemistry between the two lead actors, and all the supporting cast. I am happy with the progress of Booth and Brennan relationship. I have been pining for them to get together from season one. I too have found moment in the show that brought tear to my eyes, case in point season 7 finales, it just about broke my heart when Booth told Max he is going to get his family back and he wanted Max to tell Bones.
Anyone that walk away from that and did not feel sad has not been watching the show. I think it the most amazing show, although you got to have a strong heart to watch the gore.
Thank you Stephen Nathan and Hart Hansen for a wonderful show, the writing is awesome, and the cast that you put together is just magical. By the way what can I say about TJ Thyne hair, love it.
I have just one question about the season premier, how did Booth know where to find Brennan. I have watched it 3 times already and still have not figured it out.

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