‘The Dark Knight’ Viral Marketing Continues With Revamped IBelieveInHarveyDent.com

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CHICAGO – I received a call to my cell phone at 7:02 p.m. from 000-000-0000 directing me to IBelieveInHarveyDent.com for more “The Dark Knight” viral marketing. Indeed, the site has relaunched itself with a new campaign. A screenshot of the revamped site is below. To hear it from yourself, the phone call can be listened to here (source).

IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart

At the updated site, a slew of new promotional campaign materials have gone live at a new downloads page. These are all below.

IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart

IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart

IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart

IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart

IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart

IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart

IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart

IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart

This campaign calls for enthusiasts to print out these materials and display them in creative ways on the streets of cities across the U.S. A “you in action” page has appeared to show submissions, which are due by March 26, 2008 at noon. Photos and videos can be submitted here. The site gives some suggested ways to play along and explains its reason for doing so:

Show your support for Harvey Dent! Gotham City is collapsing from a runaway crime wave and Harvey Dent can save it. But he has to run for district attorney first.

The only way he’ll run is if he sees an outpouring of public support. Let’s all get out there and show Harvey Dent he’s got support to take back Gotham! Let’s get those videos and [pictures] coming!

We can do anything – the bigger and more creative the better. Here are a few creative examples that you can take photos and videos of:

  1. Get your friends together and spell out Harvey Dent in human letters
  2. Get a video of your school’s cheerleading team yelling out chants for Harvey Dent
  3. Try to cover every square inch of someone’s cubicle area with Harvey Dent posters
  4. Write and perform a “take back Gotham” song
  5. Make up a “Dent dance” routine
  6. See if you can get up a Harvey Dent sign in every single window of your dorm building
  7. Turn your own car into a “Dentmobile”
  8. Arrange a Dent parade down Main Street
  9. Make a human pyramid with other Harvey Dent supporters

    Be creative. Harvey Dent wants to see that we want change and we are ready to work for change. Harvey wants to see that people are ready to throw out the old, break out of habits [and] really do something new and different! That’s what taking back Gotham will take.

    We’ll feature the best examples of great videos and [pictures] on the site. The future of Gotham City is in our hands now, people! Let’s get out there and make some noise!

  10. Visual examples from the site of what to do can be found below.

    IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart

    IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart

    The site also announces the “Dentmobile,” which will hit the road in various cities across the U.S. While the site says specific dates and locations are “coming soon,” the following route map is currently revealed. You can submit your e-mail address on that page for periodic updates.

    IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart, Dentmobile

    So you can see what it looks like when you receive one of these calls, I have taken a picture of my cell phone and am displaying it below.

    IBelieveInHarveyDent.com, The Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart

    HollywoodChicago.com editor-in-chief Adam Fendelman


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    Reader submissions about this viral development

    I received two reader submissions about this news via e-mail that I didn’t see until after I finished publishing the report above. Both came before I received my Harvey Dent phone call and while I was away from e-mail.

    The first came from longtime HollywoodChicago.com source Vlkers54. He wrote at 5:48 p.m.:



    We have to basically run around and rally for Harvey Dent. Take pictures, videos, blanket the cities with Dent stuff for download on the site, etc. They are also having a “Dentmobile” drive around and visit the cities! Chicago is on that list of cities but they don’t have any confirmed dates yet. Everything is due by 12:00pm noon on March 26th so obviously it will be within the next 2 weeks.

    Since I have the Joker cake phone from Chicago, you can bet your ass that I will be rounding up a crew of “goons” and defacing all the Harvey Dent stuff I see…perhaps even on the day that the Dentmobile comes to Chicago, I will be there dressed as Joker henceman…representing the exact the thing that Harvey Dent is trying to change :-)

    Maybe what I just described above might have been their plan along with these Joker phones. The last text message did ask us if we were “still out there”…maybe that’s how they coordinated what cities they were going to visit as most of the cities they are visiting have Joker cake phone recipients in them. I guess I will wait and see…and keep you updated as always.

    The second came from a blog called Media Oracle. Her report can be found here. Her e-mail to me came at 6:55 p.m., which is seven minutes before I received my Harvey Dent call and began my coverage.

    HollywoodChicago.com's picture

    Dates are in for Chicago Dentmobile tour: It's March 13, 2008!

    This just in from longtime HollywoodChicago.com source Vlkers54:

    Dates are up for Chicago Dentmobile tour…it’s tomorrow, March 13th. I might just be coming…in Joker get up :-)

    Notice how they picked the times…

    8-10am = morning commuters
    11-1pm = lunch breaks
    4-6pm = evening commuters

    Insane and ridiculously smart. Anyways, here is the official date, times and locations. See ya there.

    March 13th:

    Lasalle & Van Buren Commuter Station

    Jackson St. & State St.

    Canal & Madison Commuter Station

    Harvey Dent has a new audio “personal challenge” online here. I have all cities and dates for the Dentmobile below:

    Tucson, AZ
    March 14th:
    11-2pm: Spring Training: Tucson Electric Park
    3-4pm: Tucson Mall: 4500 N. Oracle Road
    4-5pm: El Con Mall: 3601 E. Broadway Blvd.

    Scottsdale, AZ
    March 15th:
    11-2pm: Downtown Scottsdale: Indian School Road and Scottsdale Rd.
    3-4pm: Scottsdale Mall: 7014 East Camelback Rd.
    4-5pm: Fiddlestix: 8800 E. Indian Bend Rd.

    Los Angeles, CA
    March 13th:
    11-3pm: Venice Beach: Windward/Ocean Front Walk
    3-5pm: Third Street Promenade

    March 22th:

    San Francisco, CA
    March 22th:
    10-12pm: Union Square
    1-3pm: Fisherman’s Wharf
    4-6pm: Golden Gate Park & Haight & Ashbury Shopping

    Boulder, CO
    March 20th:
    11-1pm: The Hill - near campus
    1:30-3pm: Pearl St. Park
    3:30-6pm: Pearl St. Shopping Mall

    Colorado Springs, CO
    March 22th:
    11-1pm: Citadel Mall: 750 Citadel Drive East
    2-4pm: The Promenade: 1885 Briargate Parkway
    4-6pm: Pioneer Plaza: 1237 North Circle Drive

    Denver, CO
    March 21th:
    11-1pm: Denver SkatePark - Between Platte Street & Little Raven
    1:30-3:30pm: Auraria Campus
    4-6pm: 16th Street Mall

    Gainsville, FL
    March 22th:
    11-1pm: The Oaks Mall: 6419 Newberry Road
    2-4pm: University Ave (Downtown)
    4-5pm: Walmart:3570 SW Archer Rd

    Tallahassee, FL
    March 21th:
    11-1pm: Tallahassee Mall: 2415 N Monroe St.
    2-4pm: AMC 20: 2415 N Monroe St
    4-5pm: Tallahassee Skate Park: 3000 Jackson Bluff Road

    Atlanta, GA
    March 20th:
    11-1pm: Georgia State University - Courtyard
    1-3pm: Atlantic Station - In front of movie theater
    4-5pm: Little Five Point - Centenial Park (near CNN - Georgia Aqarium)

    Chicago, IL
    March 13th:
    8-10am: Lasalle & Van Buren Commuter Station
    11am-1pm: Jackson St. & State St.
    4-6pm: Canal & Madison Commuter Station

    South Bend, IN
    March 22th:
    11-1am: Walmart: 3701 Portage Rd.
    2-3pm: South Bend Downtown: Jefferson and Main
    4-6pm: Showplace 16: 450 W. Chippewa Ave.

    Lawrence, KS
    March 22th:
    11-1pm: Allen Fieldhouse 1651 Naismith Drive
    1:30-3:30pm: Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center 1740 Watkins Center
    4-6pm: Jayhawker Towers Apartments 1603 W. 15th St.

    Lexington, KY
    March 15th:
    11-1pm: Singletary Center for the Arts - U.K. Campus
    1:30-3:30pm: Clay Avenue Shops - Clay Ave at MainSt.
    4-6pm: Fayette Shopping Area - 3401 Nicholasville Rd.

    Baltimore, MD
    March 15th:
    11-1pm: Harbor Place - Camden Yards Area Entertainment Center
    3-6pm: Fort McHenry National Park/Monument

    Boston, MA
    March 15th:
    11-1pm: Baystreet/Deerfield - Boston University
    1:30-3:30pm: Copley Place - Huntington Ave. side
    4-6pm: Newbury St.

    March 16th:
    11-3pm: Thomas Park
    3-5pm: Park St./Downtown Crossing

    Ann Arbor, MI
    March 21th:
    11-1pm: Briarwood Mall: 100 Briarwood Cir, Ann Arbor, MI
    2-3pm: Kraus Natural Science Auditorium: 803 North University
    3:30-5:30pm: State St. & University Ave

    East Lansing, MI
    March 20th:
    11-2pm: Meridian Mall: 1982 W Grand River Ave #811, Okemos, MI
    3-4pm: Walmart: 3225 Towne Centre Blvd.
    4-5pm: Home Electronic: 538 Cedar St. (downtown area)

    Minneapolis, MN
    March 21th:
    12-2pm: Mall of America Interstate 494 & Highway 77
    3-5pm: Target Center 600 First Ave.
    6-8pm: Xcel Energy Center St Paul, MN.

    Columbia, MO
    March 21th:
    11-1pm: Shakespeare’s Pizza 225 S. 9th St.
    2-4pm: Hitt Street Market: 111 Hitt Street
    5-7pm: Memorial Union South: 518 Hitt Street

    St. Louis, MO
    March 20th:
    10-12pm: Washington University Medical Center Euclid & Forest Park Parkway
    1-3pm: Webster University Corner of Big Bend & Edgar
    4-6pm: St. Louis University Busch Student Center: Grand & West Pine

    New York, NY
    March 13th:
    6-9am: Rockefeller Center & 49th St.
    12-2pm: Downtown Brooklyn near Albee Square Mall
    3-4pm: 733 11th Ave. & 513 W. 54th St.
    March 14th:
    11am-1pm: Soho area (Ludlow - Essex - Allen)
    2:30-6pm: W 4th St. / 7th Ave. / Christopher St. -Washington Sq. Park
    March 22th:
    11am-2pm: T.B.D
    3-5pm: Union Square - Annual Pillow fight
    6-8pm: 7th Ave bet. 31st & 35th (Madison Square Garden / Aretha Franklin / Macy’s / Penn Station)

    Columbus, OH
    March 13th:
    11-1pm: Lennox Town Center - 777 Kinnear Rd.
    1:30-3:30pm: Wexner Center for the Arts - 1871 North High St.
    4-6pm: Carriage Place Movie/Shopping area - 2570 Bethel Rd.

    Cincinnati, OH
    March 14th:
    11-2pm: Cincinnati Mills Shopping Area - 601 Cincinnati Mills Dr.
    2:30-4pm: Kenwood Town Centre - 7875 Montgomery Rd
    4:30-6pm: Main Street Entertainment District - E 12th St. at Main

    Portland, OR
    March 21th:
    10-12pm: Tom McCall Waterfront Park
    1-3pm: Pioneer Courthouse Square
    4-6pm: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

    Philadelphia, PA
    March 15th:
    9-11am: Center City near City Hall
    12-2pm: Broad Street near Temple University
    6-8pm: South Street

    Providence, RI
    March 14th:
    11-1pm: Theater St.
    2-4pm: Providence Place Mall: One Providence Place
    4-5pm: Patriot Cinemas: 60 Newport Avenue, East Providence, RI

    Austin, TX
    March 15th:
    11-2pm: 6th St. from Congress to Red River
    2-5pm: Waterloo Records: 600A North Lamar

    College Station, TX
    March 14th:
    11-2pm: Post Oak Mall: 1500 Harvey Rd.
    2-3pm: WestGate Shopping Center: 4245 Wellborn Rd., Bryan, TX
    3-5pm: Cinemark Hollywood USA: 1401 Earl Rudder Freeway South

    Houston, TX
    March 13th:
    11-1pm: The Galleria: 5085 Westheimer Rd.
    2-3pm: Walmart Supercenter: 9555 S. Post Oak Rd
    3-5pm: Edward Greenway Palace: 3839 Weslayan Street

    Arlington, WV
    March 13th:
    11am-2pm: Corner of Glebe & Fairfax - Ballston
    3-6pm: Highland & Wilson - Clarendon

    Seattle, WA
    March 20th:
    10-12pm: Pike Place Market
    12:30-1:30pm: Seattle Center (Space Needle)
    2-4pm: WIAA state basketball Tournament (Key Arena)

    Madison, WI
    March 14th:
    11-1pm: Downtown Madison Shopping Center: State Street Capitol Square
    2-4pm: City Hall: 215 M.L.K. Jr. Blvd.
    5-7pm: WIAA State B-Ball Tourney: Kohl Center

    Washington D.C.
    March 14th:
    11-12:30pm: Corner of M and Wisconsin - Georgetown
    1-2:30pm: Corner of 18th and Columbia - Adams Morgan
    3-5pm: 18th & P - Dupont

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