Film Review: George Clooney Does it Italian Style in ‘The American’

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CHICAGO – What if the most dangerous and pursued assassin in the world began to develop a flaw in his delivery, due to the vulnerability of simple human contact? Where does religion, carnality and love fit in that connection? George Clooney plays that assassin-type in “The American,” holed up for one more job, the job that might answer both of those questions. Oscarman rating: 4.5/5.0
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Clooney does an emotionless turn as the killer named Jack, who begins the film by killing three in a remote Swedish outpost, including a presumed lover. The Swedes are after him, for reasons unknown, and he escapes back to Rome to meet his vague contractor. There is another job, but he must hide out in a remote Italian village while handling it.

The village, picaresque and seemingly devoid of humanity, becomes the the place where Jack ends up. He meets his contact for the assignment, a beautiful femme fatale (Thekla Reuten), who gives him detailed instructions on building a specific weapon. Even though Jack wants to remain distant in this pursuit, he takes up with local priest named Father Bennedeto (Paolo Bonacelli), who becomes a confidant and moral guidance counselor.

Jack also has a weakness for flesh, and the prostitute Clara (Violante Placido) becomes his favorite. After tussling again with the Swedes, it seems his cover has been blown, which his mysterious contractor calls “slipping.” Paranoia starts to build as friend or foe becomes unclear, leaving Jack with a decision on how to deal with the complicated circumstance surrounding him.

”The American” opens everywhere September 1st. Featuring George Clooney, Thekla Reuten, Paolo Bonacelli and Violante Placido.. Screenplay by Rowan Joffe, directed by John Anton Corbijn. Rated “R”

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Bang Bang Shoot Shoot: George Clooney as Jack in ‘The American’
Bang Bang Shoot Shoot: George Clooney as Jack in ‘The American’
Photo Credit: © Focus Features

StarContinue reading for Patrick McDonald’s full review of “The American”

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