HollywoodChicago.com Hookup: 2 ‘How the Earth Changed History’ DVDs From BBC, National Geographic

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CHICAGO – In our latest edition of HollywoodChicago.com Hookup: DVD, we have 2 DVDs up for grabs to the new series “How the Earth Changed History” from BBC and National Geographic! “How the Earth Changed History,” which is created by the producers of “Earth: The Biography” and “Walking With Dinosaurs,” is hosted by Iain Stewart of “Earth: The Biography”.

To win your free DVD courtesy of HollywoodChicago.com, all you need to do is answer our question in this Web-based submission form. That’s it! Directions to enter this HollywoodChicago.com Hookup and immediately win can be found beneath the graphic below.

The DVD cover for We Believe
The DVD cover for “We Believe,” which is narrated by Gary Sinise.
Image credit: BBC

Here is the “How the Earth Changed History” synopsis:

Discover the untold story of how our planet’s geological forces have shaped human civilization as the BBC releases to DVD and Blu-ray the groundbreaking documentary series “How the Earth Changed History”.

Created by the producers of “Earth: The Biography” and “Walking With Dinosaurs” and hosted by Iain Stewart of “Earth: The Biography,” this BBC and National Geographic co-production (which aired on the National Geographic channel from June 20, 2010 to June 22, 2010) reveals how geology, geography and the climate have had a greater influence on mankind than we imagined.

Fuelled by Stewart’s passionate storytelling and extraordinary HD camerawork, this engaging and visually stunning series combines bold ideas with new science and geo-determinism to form an original version of human history that has never been seen on television before.

“How the Earth Changed History” shows how the natural forces of the planet influenced the success or failure of whole societies and how the environment has affected every aspect of our history from art to industry, religion, war, world domination and collapse.

Here is the trailer for “How the Earth Changed History”:

To secure your free DVD, you must be logged into your HollywoodChicago.com Web site account. If you don’t yet have one, you can quickly register here. Having a free Web site account with a valid e-mail address is required to win this HollywoodChicago.com Hookup.

Next, simply answer our question. You must submit your answer using this confidential, Web-based submission form. Please do not comment in this Hookup. Your entry will be invalid if you only comment here and don’t submit into our Web-based form. Please only submit your answer using this submission form.

You must include your first and last name, e-mail address and physical mailing address in your submission. Your personal information will not be sold or shared, will be kept strictly confidential and is only for awarding winning entries. To win, you must own a DVD player. Please answer our question below.

Star What are you most fearful of when it comes to our planet?

This HollywoodChicago.com Hookup is simple: two lucky readers will be selected as the winners of our free “How the Earth Changed History” DVDs! The winners will be mailed their DVDs at our expense. Good luck!

HollywoodChicago.com editor-in-chief and publisher Adam Fendelman


© 2010 Adam Fendelman, HollywoodChicago.com LLC

DaveTheBatMan's picture

When it comes to our planet, I am most fearful of...

People. Ignorance. Indifference. The belief that we can do anything to the planet that we want, and “someone else” will fix it. NO NO NO NO NO!

goodscot's picture

When it comes to our planet, I am most fearful of

clean drinking water as it is the source of life.

yummyummy's picture

I’m most afraid of all

I’m most afraid of all usable natural resources being abused and depleted.

CBS's picture

I afraid if we don’t do

I afraid if we don’t do something it will be uninhabitable in the future.

megancpa1@yahoo.com's picture

What I am most fearful of re:our Planet

What I am most fearful of when it comes to our planet Earth is that we are destroying the Earth’s environment for short-lived conveniences. We over-heat and over-air-condition, we waste so many things. We do not always reduce, reuse, and recycle, when we could with just a little more effort. We are destroying the natural habitat of many species.
We could all do a little more to protect the earth and our future, but it is not always “convenient.’

rweisskopf's picture

Environmental Fear

I’m worried that while we are concentrating on carbon monoxide, the ozone layer, radon, and global warming, an asteroid will obliterate the Earth.

Anonymous's picture


Treasures's picture


I have faith that we will all learn to live in harmony, and adopt green practices before it is too late.

Anonymous's picture

Envirionmental fear

Global warning

Gloria Robertson's picture

I am most fearful of...

When it comes to our planet, I am not most fearful of running out of natural resources or pollution. What I am most fearful of is the destruction of nations through war. War is pointless. Killing is pointless. Everyone wants the same thing - to live in peace. People want their children and their families to be able to live in a safe environment. In America, (for the most part) we have this and we take this for granted much too often.

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