Anderson Cooper Wants to Hear From Readers For Friday’s ‘LIVE! with Regis and Kelly’!

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CHICAGO – Anderson Cooper will be filling in for Regis Philbin as a co-host with Kelly Ripa on this Friday morning’s “LIVE! with Regis and Kelly” on ABC. readers have a unique opportunity to help shape the broadcast on the topic of education reform!

Anderson Cooper on LIVE! with Regis and Kelly
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Cooper is an outspoken defender of public schools. He has been covering the current flux in education funding. This week, he visited the tumultuous Hollenbeck community in Los Angeles where youth gang violence is on the rise. Cooper will be directly involved before this Friday’s show doing outreach, taking questions and giving feedback via his Twitter and his blog!

Listen up, readers! Cooper wants you to help him get advice and tips to families who need it most. In anticipation of his arrival, we need all you thrifty moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas to put your heads together for elementary school children across America!

How do you maintain your budget and still send your kids fully equipped for school? What are some training strategies and lessons you’ve instilled about respect, honesty and safety?

Since Chicagoans understand the benefits and dangers of a metropolis, what are some tips you can give kids coming up on the street? Should they keep their head down and apply themselves in school? Chime in with your frugal advice and study tips that helped you get where you are today!

Submit a comment in the form below! Because of’s unique relationship with ABC and “LIVE! with Regis and Kelly,” every comment will be cataloged by ABC, added to the show’s potential roster and quickly sent directly to Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa! editor-in-chief and publisher Adam Fendelman


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Javier Lopez's picture

Education is essential

Education today has never been more important for kids, I’m currently a sophomore going towards my Junior year at Columbia College Chicago, as a child I never really understood the importance of an education. In order for I to get a good paying job I must graduate from college, a high school diploma won’t just do it. My parents have instilled me with the tools I need in order to succeed. I won’t lie maintaining a budget is quite hard, I have to be able to pay off loans and also help out my parents as well. At the end of the day you truly have to have hope, sometimes it doesn’t look to good, but kids today have to be able to pursue a post-secondary education in order to succeed in this world. Those who don’t will fall behind and the competition for jobs has never been this fierce. From a personal experience I’m telling kids to plan their future today, look for something that interest you and plan a life goal. When something doesn’t seem right and you feel like quitting think about your future. Money matters, but at the end of the day money isn’t everything. Be honest with yourself and think, if I concentrate and go to school and do what I want to do I can be making money while doing what I want to do. You just have to convince yourself that you want it even when things get truly bad.

I have lived in one of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods all my life, and I wonder if coming from this violent place will stop me from achieving my true potential. It’s really hard and that’s clearly an understatement. Parents today need to make sure that their kids are focused. My parents also kept me concentrated, as a family we have had our share of setbacks, but my parents never allowed to get sidetracked by the violence and bad influences that are currently plaguing the public school system. I see myself as a small success. I’m currently the first man in my family to ever attend college. I feel so proud and I’m telling kids today to stay in school, the economy may be bad, and college might be expensive but it will one day be worth it. My parents stayed strong through many personal problems and now my sister and I are currently in college. I thank my parents for not allowing me to get sidetracked. I know one day that I’ll be teaching my own kids the lessons that my parents instilled in me.

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Don’t live out of fear of what your peers will think about you. Do what you know is right.

Then you will only have yourself to blame if you don’t like the outcome.

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High School Students Need Role Models Like Anderson Cooper

I agree that education is essential, but I believe that finding role models inside and outside or your community is even more important. I am also a great defender of public schools, however there needs to be more emphasis on career choices when students are in high school. In my careers class, all I can remember is that we completed a personality quiz, and then handed in an assignment briefly summarizing what we thought would be an appropriate career choice.

That is so not enough.

There needs to be seminars, and guest speakers. If students have the ability to hear a lawyer, doctor, scientist, journalist etc… give a speech in their own school, it can change their views on life. It can make them think “I would really like to do that one day”. A passion for something can really change a student’s attitude towards school and can even increase marks.

For example, I have seen Anderson Cooper’s lectures at various J-schools in the states. They are truly inspiring, but these students are already studying journalism. Why not use role models like Anderson to speak to kids in high school before they give up on the system? To inspire them to go to university and study journalism.

Seminars and conferences etc… happen in university, but it’s too late. By then, the students who have had no role models have already fallen through the cracks and given up on the education system.

There are plenty of students who would do really well in the public school system, if only they could find their passion in life. Having role models at an early age will help tremendously.

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