'Star Trek' Teaser Description

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Here’s the Star Trek trailer description. Hope you can use it.

Slow Paramount logo.

Bad Robot logo.

Black, suddenly some sparks (very saturated, Michael Bay looking cinematography)

We hear an old NASA radio countdown: “30 sec and counting.”

Close up of a timeless guy with goggles leaning down doing some weilding and sparks flying around.

He lifts his googles — slightly futuristic head covering. It’s not a space suit, btw.

The dude leans down and wields some more — he’s standing on big metal.

FROM DIRECTOR J.J. ABRAMS” (blue font with a nice lens flare)

Some Kennedy speech about space flight: “The eyes of the world now look to space.”

People walking around the saucer section. The wielders are everywhere, showing size.

We hear, “The Eagle has landed.”

Huge overhead shot pans across, suddenly showing what looks like miles of scaffolding underneath.


Really impressive shot from by the nacelle(?) of people all over the ship, and you can see a huge industrialize city or shipyard in the background. It’s being built on Earth, not in space.

Neil Armstrong: “One small step for man…”

Camera slowly cranes up over the whole saucer section.

Then we hear then Leonard Nimoy’s line: “Space, the final frontier,” and the familiar “Star Trek” theme horns.

The shot continues, revealing the writing on the top of the saucer — “U.S.S. Enterprise,” and these huge aircraft-like warp engines in the background. Technically, the first reveal of what we’re seeing.

Just the Starfleet log (no title)



Overall, really great teaser (by the definition of the term). Very industrial. I’m most intrigued by the background Earth stuff.

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Viral marketing site released for 'Star Trek' at NCC-1701.com!

The first “Star Trek” viral marketing site has just gone live at NCC-1701.com. It was discovered by clicking a red dot near the “under construction” label on the official film site.

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'Star Trek' producer Roberto Orci goes public about teaser

From /Film:

There have been reports that audiences seeing Cloverfield this weekend are going wild for the attached Star Trek teaser trailer, but my screening was dead quiet. And I can’t tell whether the mere four comments /Film received on our post about the bootleg version being on YouTube (still there) are a sign of disinterest, mild disappointment or reservation for the official version. Up until yesterday, I had a bad feeling about J.J. Abrams’s mega-budgeted December vision for Trek. The casting has been all over the place, and the filmmakers’ hardcore need to include Leonard Nimoy and as much canon as possible reminded me of the early warning signs for Superman Returns. But the trailer struck a cord with me.

The steady shot on the U.S.S. Enterprise under construction perfectly evoked how vast, dangerous and mysterious space actually is, and Nimoy’s “final frontier” line didn’t possess the stark confidence I’d expected. Instead, it sounded foreboding and safety belt-worthy. The theme music even had a refreshed alien sophistication. After seeing what J.J. and his team did minutes later with Manhattan and how tiny and disposable humans were in a monster’s wrath, their Star Trek now has my full attention.

Producer Roberto Orci spoke with Trekfilm.com to expand on the filmmakers’ intentions for the moderately esoteric and largely eerie teaser. To the Trekkies who remain adamant that the Enterprise must be built in space in accordance with canon, or “fanon” even, rather than on Earth, Orci breaks out the science and “creative license.” This is sort of impressive…

Firstly, there is the notion that there is precedent in the novels, etc that components of the ship can be built on Earth and assembled here or there. And the second thing is that the Enterprise is not some flimsy yacht that has to be delicately treated and assembled. The idea that things have to be assembled in space has normally been associated with things that don’t have to be in any kind of pressure situation and don’t ever have to ever enter a gravity well. That is not the case with the Enterprise. The Enterprise actually has to sustain warp, which we know is not actually moving but more a warping of space around it. And we know that its decks essentially simulate Earth gravity and so its not the kind of gravity created by centrifugal force, it is not artificially created by spinning it. It is created by an artificial field and so it is very natural, instead of having to create a fake field in which you are going to have to calibrate everything, to just do it in the exact gravity well in which you are going to be simulating.

Orci deadens the rumors that the Enterprise is shown being constructed at Area 51, but won’t confirm nor deny that the location is San Francisco. And he doesn’t seemed worried about the film’s title not being included on the teaser, which I found to be an extremely intriguing decision on first view. As for what the trailer is supposed to convey to today’s audiences…

This is who we are. This is real. This is maybe not so far off in the future as it used to be. In the 60s the cell phone was a fantasy. Now the communicator that Kirk had is not as advanced as my iPhone. It is a different millennium for God’s sake. We are literally a century closer than we were before.

What I found most interesting was the following quote, which implies that this Trek is both inspired by JFK’s pivotal role in the space race and hopes to refocus peoples’ attention back on exploration as well.

First of all, it has been written about that Kirk was in a way modeled after JFK. Like being the youngest captain ever, like Kennedy was the youngest President ever. Obviously the space race being kicked off by JFK is very much associated with Star Trek. It was also due to what we just discussed and linking it back to today. If we do indeed have a Federation, I think Kennedy’s words will be inscribed in their someplace. He kicked us off. And on a third level it is a slight nod to Star Trek Enterprise, in that we are not blind to the fact that going back to some of the more historical aspects of Star Trek that haven’t been covered in a while.

It’s not everyday that I care to hear a producer wax on a teaser trailer, but Orci enhanced my take on it. Did you find the teaser to be too esoteric, too uneventful, or too, um, industrial? Do you feel that general audiences made the connection that it was for Star Trek, as there are quibbles from fans going about?

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Teaser Video

IESB has the teaser. Looks unofficial and like a cam job, though it’s not shaky. Go check it out!

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Star Trek Film

Needs Kirk. Spock should not do the “Space the Final Frontier” At least leave that to Shatner. Show some Shatner scenes or something. After all he made the whole thing work from the beginning. Show some respect.

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Does anyone know why they got Leonard Nimoy as Spock but they didn’t get William Shatner as Kirk? Was Shatner too busy doing Priceline ads or something? I’m just not feeling Chris Pine as Kirk.

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'Star Trek' teaser didn't show before tonight's 'Cloverfield'

The much-anticipated “Star Trek” teaser trailer didn’t show before Wednesday night’s “Cloverfield” advance movie screening in Chicago. In fact, there were no previews at all. The film just came straight on.

There was another press screening for “Cloverfield” in Chicago on Tuesday, but I don’t know if the “Star Trek” teaser showed there or not.

After we scooped the teaser trailer description for “Star Trek,” I was really looking forward to seeing it, too.

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star trek teaser

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You're Boring

Zing, and mate.

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samuelj27 wrote:

Why do you think it’s boring? If you were to write it, what would happen instead?

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I heard the saucer is the movie Enterprise not the television one, that would be bad.

Also the Enterprise was built in orbit, as was established in the series so how come it’s on earth?

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'Cloverfield' to see 'Star Trek' teaser trailer?

I’m curious how many people will pay to see “Cloverfield” just (or in large part) to see the “Star Trek” teaser trailer.

As a critic, I know I was most stoked for my “I Am Legend” screening because I knew I’d get “The Dark Knight” prologue before it.

The effect of a hot-ticket trailer on the featured presentation would be an interesting box-office figure to measure.

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So much wielding going on!

I was waiting to hear what he had in his hands… /joke

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Anonymous wrote:
I was waiting to hear what he had in his hands… /joke

“Wield” is defined as:

1. To handle (a weapon or tool, for example) with skill and ease.
2. To exercise (authority or influence, for example) effectively.

So I assume the “wielding” is the second definition here?

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Good Story Arc

I hope there is a lot of welding going on.

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I meant

I meant welding, thanks.

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You've made our list.

To GypsyEye16: We already independently confirmed your “Star Trek” information before featuring it as a news story, but other sites have independently confirmed your work as well:

  • Wizard Universe
  • JoBlo
  • IESB.net
  • /Film
  • TrekMovie.com
  • TrekToday.com
  • TotalFilm.com
  • TrekZone
  • Cinema Blend
  • MovieWeb
  • AceShowBiz.com
  • Dark Horizons
  • SFX
  • Blog@Newsarama
  • SciFi.com (can’t locate the link)

    You’ve now made our favorite trusted sources list.

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    After checking its accuracy with our sources, we put it up on the main page in our news section. Thanks!


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    the star trek movie

    I have no problem with what i have seen of the teaser..though i do have the problem with the premise..But i will live with it..From what i remember reading once in a tech manual the origional ncc-1701 enterprise was built both..the sections were built on earth and then assembled as one in space.

    Though i admit i am trying to go by memory and it isn’t the greatest..The reason i mention this is in the next gen manual..the enterprise d was too large to be even considered built in atmosphere..It was one of the firt ones that was constructed entirely in space.

    Again i am going by memory since i hadn’t read the book in several years.

    Have fun all

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    GypsyEyes16 came

    GypsyEyes16 came through again.

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