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That's fitting

By the way, have you seen the trailer to the new “Rambo” where he starts by decapitating someone? It’s very, very clear they’re going for the very, very violent side of things in this one.

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The One With 'Let the Bodies Hit the Floor'?

The :45 second one? I’ve got a friend who’s really excited about this, and even that made him wince.'s picture

Bloody violence vs. audience surprise

The new “Rambo” could have (and did) go the direction of more bloody violence because it felt like it had to trump its previous self. That’s the predictable route. We should learn an important lesson, though, from “Stardust”.

One of the most memorable and shocking scenes is when Robert De Niro (who plays the manly, hardcore pirate captain dude) instead reveals in his private quarters what he’s really got in his closet: women’s apparel. The audience revelation of his drag ways is priceless.

In the closet.

Out of the closet.

I’m not suggesting Sly should wear lipstick and a thong. I’m merely saying they could have thought a bit more out of the box instead of just delivering what you’d expect. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still go see it.

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Claire Danes was really good

Claire Danes was really good in that movie.

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You’re like a Jewish mother for Claire Danes. Is that vow a requirement for the Claire Danes Mailing List?

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No. We’ve all seen the

No. We’ve all seen the Mod Squad.

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I winced at the previews for

I winced at the previews for Conan, The Passive Aggressive.

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Good, because I hated Rambo:

Good, because I hated Rambo: First Diplomacy.

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Do One With Segal

I also enjoyed “‘80s Action Franchise: Modern Psychology Deconstructs Your Rage.”

Also: “Missing in Action: Huckabee Saves Us All.”

Or: “Bloodsport: I Beat My Wife.”

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