Adam Sandler's New Stand-Up Comedy Movie

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Adam Sandler is making a new Hollywood comedy – about stand-up comics.
The actor will team up with 40-Year-Old Virgin director Judd Apatow for the new film, which has yet to be titled.
The movie will also star Seth Rogan, who let slip the news at a film screening on Friday.
– who was flat-mates with Apatow when both were first starting out –
admitted: ‘I haven’t done stand-up in, like, 10 years.

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e’s one of the brightest

e’s one of the brightest bulbs in the comedy firmament, but if you miss a punch line in the newest Judd Apatow film, the still-untitled “Adam Sandler Project,” don’t worry, co-star Seth Rogen told MTV News: There will be a lot more to come. No, we seriously mean a lot.

“[The plot will center on] stand-up comedians,” Rogen revealed at Friday’s screening of “Pineapple Express,” where he was on hand to close out MTV’s first-ever Sneak Peek Week.

Apatow, Sandler, Rogen and Leslie Mann in a comedy club? It’s a setup Rogen called “hilarious by default.” So what’s not to like?

“I’ve got to write an act again. It’s been a long time. I haven’t done stand-up in, like, 10 years. Even more,” Sandler said. “That’s why I want to kill Judd Apatow right now. I was so much happier doing nothing!”

For the 41-year-old star of “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan,” who will be named MTV’s fourth-ever Generation Award winner Sunday night at the MTV Movie Awards, accepting the role of a stand-up comedian means having to do something he hasn’t done in, well, a generation.

And if you’re lucky enough to be at the right comedy club this summer, you can join in the misery, Sandler teased.

“You will see me bomb for 15 minutes and walk off [the stage] and punch Judd,” Sandler joked of his plans to return to the hot lights of L.A. comedy clubs.

But while the two main characters are both comics, the overarching tone of the movie won’t be entirely comical, Sandler cautioned, calling the film “pretty heartbreaking” in parts.

“It’s very, very funny. [Me and] my friends who have read the script, all of us were baffled how funny it is,” Sandler said. “But there’s a lot of stuff going on in the movie.”

Indeed, his film about comics might be the most “adult” thing he’s ever written, Apatow told MTV News back in March.

“It’s a comedy, but it has more drama in it. A hilarious drama is what I’m going for,” Apatow said. “Every movie, I’m trying to find a way to go deeper, to tell stories about subjects that are important and make them less and less broad while making them equally as funny. [This film is] another step in that progression.

According to Rogen, the film is scheduled to begin shooting in September. It’s a wrap! Now that you’ve watched the MTV Movie Awards, find winners, red-carpet photos, videos, movie exclusives and much more at And check out for the latest movie news, trailers, photos and more!

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I actually wish Adam had his

I actually wish Adam had his own show. That would be so awesome! But I would miss seeing him in movies. I hope he’s around forever in movies. His movies always make me happy and everytime I see Adam in anything he always put a smile on my face. Adam really has that affect on people. He knows how to make a person smile. :)

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It has a title

From Variety:

Judd Apatow’s next film will be called Funny People and Jason
Schwartzman and Jonah Hill have joined the cast, reports Variety. The
two join the already announced Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann,
and Eric Bana.

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Thanks for the update

Thanks for the update Dustin. With that cast the movie should be amazing!'s picture

When Judd Apatow's attached...

Most movies turn to gold. Will keep a close eye on this one. Thanks!

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Eric Bana is being courted

Eric Bana is being courted to be in it.

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