Slideshow: 29-Image Gallery For ‘Friday the 13th’ With Jared Padalecki

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(L-R) Chelsea (Willa Ford), Bree (Julianna Guill), Lawrence (Arlen Escarpeta), Chewie (Aaron Yoo), and Nolan (Ryan Hansen) kick off their stay at Crystal Lake.

CHICAGO – This 29-image slideshow contains the official press images for “Friday the 13th,” which was directed by Marcus Nispel and features Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker, Willa Ford, Aaron Yoo, Amanda Righetti, Travis Van Winkle, America Olivo and Derek Mears as Jason. The Warner Brothers Pictures release opens on Friday, February 13th, 2009.

Synopsis: “Welcome back to Crystal Lake in a chilling re-imagining of the classic horror film “Friday the 13th.”

Searching for his missing sister, Clay Miller (Jared Padalecki) heads up to the eerie woods of legendary Crystal Lake, where he stumbles on the creaky remains of rotting old cabins behind moss-covered trees.

And that’s not the only thing lying in wait under the brush.

Against the advice of police and cautions from the locals, Clay pursues what few leads he has in the search for his missing sister, Whitney (Amanda Righetti), with the help of Jenna (Danielle Panabaker), a young woman he meets among a group of college kids up for an all-thrills weekend. But they are all about to find much more than they bargained for.

Little do they know, they’ve entered the domain of one of the most terrifying specters in American film history—the infamous killer who haunts Crystal Lake, armed with a razor-sharp machete… Jason Voorhees.”

You can click “Next” and “Previous” to scan through this slideshow or jump directly to individual photos with the captioned links below. All photos are credited to John P. Johnson and Warner Brothers Pictures. All rights reserved.

  1. Friday_the_13th_01: Chelsea (Willa Ford) discovers Jason (Derek Mears) watching her from the shores of Crystal Lake.

  2. Friday_the_13th_02: Jason (Derek Mears, right) crashes through a window and grabs Clay (Jared Padalecki, left).

  3. Friday_the_13th_03: Whitney (Amanda Righetti) and Clay (Jared Padalecki) search for Jason.

  4. Friday_the_13th_04: Amanda (America Olivo) feels the presence of Jason (Derek Mears) creeping up on her.

  5. Friday_the_13th_05: Whitney (Amanda Righetti) and her boyfriend Mike (Nick Mennell) enjoy the campfire.

  6. Friday_the_13th_06: Derek Mears stars as Jason.

  7. Friday_the_13th_07: (L-R) Chelsea (Willa Ford), Bree (Julianna Guill), Lawrence (Arlen Escarpeta), Chewie (Aaron Yoo), and Nolan (Ryan Hansen) kick off their stay at Crystal Lake.

  8. Friday_the_13th_08: Director Marcus Nispel (center) discusses a scene with Danielle Panabaker (left) and Jared Padalecki (right) on the set.

  9. Friday_the_13th_09: Jason (Derek Mears) prepares to slice and dice some fresh victims.

  10. Friday_the_13th_10: Jared Padalecki stars as Clay.

  11. Friday_the_13th_11: (L-R) Julianna Guill as Bree, Danielle Panabaker as Jenna and Jared Padalecki as Clay.

  12. Friday_the_13th_12: Danielle Panabaker stars as Jenna.

  13. Friday_the_13th_13: (L-R) Bree (Julianna Guill) starts freaking out as Jenna (Danielle Panabaker) tries to makes sense of what is happening.

  14. Friday_the_13th_14: Jared Padalecki stars as Clay.

  15. Friday_the_13th_15: Clay (Jared Padalecki) and Jenna (Danielle Panabaker) search for Jason.

  16. Friday_the_13th_16: (L-R) Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form on the set.

  17. Friday_the_13th_17: (L-R) Arlen Escarpeta as Lawrence and Aaron Yoo as Chewie.

  18. Friday_the_13th_18: Chelsea (Willa Ford) tempts Nolan (Ryan Hansen).

  19. Friday_the_13th_19: Bree (Julianna Guill) parties the night away.

  20. Friday_the_13th_20: Travis Van Winkle stars as Trent.

  21. Friday_the_13th_21: Bree (Julianna Guill) suspects something is wrong as Jason (Derek Mears) lurks in the background.

  22. Friday_the_13th_22: Derek Mears stars as Jason.

  23. Friday_the_13th_23: Derek Mears stars as Jason.

  24. Friday_the_13th_24: Clay (Jared Padalecki, right) protects his sister Whitney (Amanda Righetti, left) in New Line CinemaÕs and Paramount PicturesÕ horror film ÒFriday the 13th,Ó a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

  25. Friday_the_13th_25: Whitney (Amanda Righetti) hides from her attacker.

  26. Friday_the_13th_26: Danielle Panabaker stars as Jenna.

  27. Friday_the_13th_27: Willa Ford stars as Chelsea.

  28. Friday_the_13th_28: Willa Ford stars as Chelsea.

  29. Friday_the_13th_29: America Olivo stars as Amanda. content director Brian Tallerico

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