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Blu-ray Review: Three 1980s Comedy Hits Get HD Upgrades

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Did you think we’d ever live in a time when you could watch a guilty pleasure like “Weekend at Bernie’s” in pristine HD? Every few weeks here at HC, we bring to light classicc films coming to Blu-ray for the first time like “Sorcerer” or “Breaking the Waves” or “Bachelor Party.” Wait. What? Yes, we’re here to inform you, dear readers, that you can now buy “Bachelor Party,” “Revenge of the Nerds,” and “Weekend at Bernie’s” for low, low prices in HD. Use them to show off your new TV.

To be fair, not all ’80s flicks are created equal. “Nerds” is easily the best of these three films, a movie that has become such a pop culture touchstone that people forget that it’s actually a pretty damn good movie. It’s structured beautifully (and inspired SO many films to this day that tried to follow its template) and visually stronger than people remember. Same can’t quite be said for “Bachelor Party,” which does boast the worst Blu-ray cover of the YTD (Hanks looks like he has gas), or the generally awful “Bernie’s.” But they have fans. And those fans should be able to own them in HD. It’s 2014, for comedy’s sake!

Bachelor Party
Bachelor Party
Photo credit: Fox

“Bachelor Party”

Superstar Tom Hanks delivers one of his funniest performances in this legendary comedy that arrives on Blu-ray for the first time. Hanks plays Rick, a school bus driver who has finally decided to tie the knot with his girlfriend Debbie (Tawny Kitaen). But first Rick must survive the wildest bachelor bash of all time, thrown by his party-animal buddies. Featuring a donkey, strippers, an Indian pimp and more, it’s a night none of them will ever forget.

Special Features:
o Behind The Scenes
o An American Tradition
o While The Men Play
o Tom Hanks Interviews
o Original Theatrical Trailer

Revenge of the Nerds
Revenge of the Nerds
Photo credit: Fox

“Revenge of the Nerds”

In this hilarious satire on college life, a group of misfits led by Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards decides to start their own fraternity after being rejected by every house on campus. Chaos results, with a brains vs. brawn battle, as the foot ball team jocks try to run the nerds off campus. But as the nerds carefully engineer their revenge, it begins to appear as if their day is at hand

Special Features:
o I’m a Nerd, and I’m Pretty Proud of It
o Deleted Scenes
o Revenge of the Nerds TV Pilot
o Commentary by Director Jeff Kanew and Actors Robert Carradine, Timothy Busfield and Curtis Armstrong
o Original Theatrical Trailer

Weekend at Bernie's
Weekend at Bernie’s
Photo credit: Fox

“Weekend at Bernie’s”

Hilarious performances by Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman make this comedy a “good old, knockdown slapstick” (The Hollywood Reporter)!

It sounded like a great weekend away at their boss Bernie’s beachside pleasure palace. But when working stiffs Larry and Richard (McCarthy and Silverman) arrive to find a real stiff - their murdered boss - they’re forced to concoct a crazy scheme to avoid being implicated and/or dead themselves! With Bernie propped up and his death effectively covered up, Richard and Larry’s weekend getaway becomes exactly that as they dodge curious babes, a curtain of bullets and one confused hit man!

Special Features:
o None

“Bachelor Party,” “Revenge of the Nerds,” and “Weekend at Bernie’s” were released on Blu-ray on May 6, 2014.

HollywoodChicago.com Contributor Brian Tallerico


bvax's picture


I love ALL those movies!! They don’t make em like that anymore.

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