Blu-ray Review: Loaded Set For Last Season of ‘Falling Skies’

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CHICAGOTNT’s “Falling Skies” isn’t quite the mega-hit that the network and Steven Spielberg hoped it would be but it has an incredibly loyal following. Recognizing that fact, Warner Bros. has put together an extensive set for the second season of the Noah Wyle sci-fi show, loaded with special features. Fans will be happy and those who may be just getting into the program, now airing its third season on TNT, may be more enticed to catch up thanks to the quality of this release. Blu-ray rating: 4.0/5.0
Rating: 4.0/5.0

The second season of “Falling Skies” made it clear that this was not a program that was going to dramatically spin its wheels. It may not be as dense of a sci-fi program as, say, “Fringe” but it’s also nowhere near as slight as half the diversions on the SyFy channel. The writing treats its viewers with respect and the cast is uniformly strong, especially Wyle. The excellent HD transfers and loaded bonus material, including commentaries on four out of ten episodes by Wyle and the producers, amplify the overall quality of this release. Fans will be happy and new fans will be intrigued. What more do you want from a Blu-ray TV release?

Falling Skies: The Complete Second Season was released on Blu-ray and DVD on June 4, 2013
Falling Skies: The Complete Second Season was released on Blu-ray and DVD on June 4, 2013
Photo credit: Warner Bros.

It’s been nearly one year since the aliens attacked - reality has set in, and it’s a whole new world. Season two of Falling Skies follows the 2nd Massachusetts on their quest to Charleston, South Carolina to find more human survivors and fighters from the continuous alien attacks. Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) tries to keep the resistance fighters and his family in line, while new dangers and returning enemies seem to greet them at every stop.

Falling Skies is executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, along with DreamWorks Television heads Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank. Remi Aubuchon and Greg Beeman serve as co-executive producers.

Special Features:
o One Page at a Time: Writing the 2nd American Revolution
o The Skitter Evolution
o A Fan’s Perspective: Touring the Set of ~~Falling Skies~~
o Behind the Scenes Featurette
o Season 2 Animated Trailer, Created by Dark Horse Comics
o Season 3 Preview
o Audio Commentaries

“Falling Skies: The Complete Second Season” was released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 4, 2013. content director Brian Tallerico

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