Slideshow: 37-Image Gallery of Celebrities at 69th Annual Golden Globes

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Ricky Gervais

CHICAGO – This 37-image slideshow contains a selection of NBC-provided images from the 69th Annual Golden Globes, which were handed out on January 15th, 2012 on NBC. Celebrities featured include Ricky Gervais, Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Kate Beckinsale, Meryl Streep, Claire Danes, Jean Dujardin, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Emily Blunt, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Madonna, Peter Dinklage, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, and many more.

You can click “Next” and “Previous” to scan through this slideshow or jump directly to individual photos with the captioned links below. All photos courtesy of NBC and credited to Paul Drinkwater. All Rights Reserved.

  1. Golden_Globes_2012_01: Ricky Gervais
  2. Golden_Globes_2012_02: Ricky Gervais
  3. Golden_Globes_2012_03: Ricky Gervais
  4. Golden_Globes_2012_04: Ashton Kutcher & Elle MacPherson
  5. Golden_Globes_2012_05: Laura Dern, winner for “Enlightened”
  6. Golden_Globes_2012_06: Kate Winslet, winner for “Mildred Pierce”
  7. Golden_Globes_2012_07: Freida Pinto
  8. Golden_Globes_2012_08: Kelsey Grammer, winner for “Boss”
  9. Golden_Globes_2012_09: Madonna, winner for “W.E.”
  10. Golden_Globes_2012_10: Idris Elba, winner for “Luther”
  11. Golden_Globes_2012_11: Brad Pitt
  12. Golden_Globes_2012_12: Kate Beckinsale & Seth Rogen
  13. Golden_Globes_2012_13: Michelle Williams, winner for “My Week With Marilyn”
  14. Golden_Globes_2012_14: Peter Dinklage, winner for “Game of Thrones”
  15. Golden_Globes_2012_15: George Clooney
  16. Golden_Globes_2012_16: Jessica Alba & Channing Tatum
  17. Golden_Globes_2012_17: Steven Spielberg, winner for “The Adventures of Tintin”
  18. Golden_Globes_2012_18: Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy
  19. Golden_Globes_2012_19: Dustin Hoffman
  20. Golden_Globes_2012_20: Claire Danes, winner for “Homeland”
  21. Golden_Globes_2012_21: Emily Blunt
  22. Golden_Globes_2012_22: Matt LeBlanc, winner for “Episodes”
  23. Golden_Globes_2012_23: Octavia Spencer, winner for “The Help”
  24. Golden_Globes_2012_24: Reese Witherspoon
  25. Golden_Globes_2012_25: Morgan Freeman
  26. Golden_Globes_2012_26: Robert Downey Jr.
  27. Golden_Globes_2012_27: Angelina Jolie
  28. Golden_Globes_2012_28: Martin Scorsese, winner for “Hugo”
  29. Golden_Globes_2012_29: Antonio Banderas & Salma Hayek
  30. Golden_Globes_2012_30: Jean Dujardin, winner for “The Artist”
  31. Golden_Globes_2012_31: Meryl Streep, winner for “The Iron Lady”
  32. Golden_Globes_2012_32: Johnny Depp & Ricky Gervais
  33. Golden_Globes_2012_33: Adam Levine & Jimmy Fallon
  34. Golden_Globes_2012_34: Katherine McPhee & Debra Messing
  35. Golden_Globes_2012_35: Clive Owen & Nicole Kidman
  36. Golden_Globes_2012_36: Mark Wahlberg & Jessica Biel
  37. Golden_Globes_2012_37: Ricky Gervais content director Brian Tallerico

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