Film News: Disney, Pixar Classics Returning to Theaters in 3D

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CHICAGO – Here is some news that shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. With the success of the re-release of “The Lion King” to theaters, enhanced with 3D, Disney and Disney-Pixar have decided to bring back four more classics to the theaters. Of course, what would be a re-release in this day and age if it didn’t include a third dimension for your theater going experience?

Up until today, “The Lion King 3D” has grossed $79.8 million domestically. Bringing in a gross like this on a film that only requires 3D being added is easy bucks for Disney, and you know they aren’t going to stop on just one film. “Beauty and the Beast,” “Finding Nemo,” “Monsters Inc.” and “The Little Mermaid” will all be coming back to the big screen in the next two years.

Alan Bergman, President of the Walt Disney Studios, announced the news in a press release today and expressed his excitement for the re-releases: “Great stories and great characters are timeless, and at Disney we’re fortunate to have a treasure trove of both,” said Bergman. “We’re thrilled to give audiences of all ages the chance to experience these beloved tales in an exciting new way with 3D – and in the case of younger generations, for the first time on the big screen.”

The release schedule for the films is thus: “Beauty and the Beast” will be released January 13, 2012; “Finding Nemo” will splash back into theaters September 14, 2012; “Monsters Inc.” comes back January 18, 2013; and “The Little Mermaid” will re-release September 13, 2013. The “Monsters Inc.” re-release is of some note as it is just a few months before the release of its prequel film “Monsters University” (June 21, 2013).

Who knows if the fun will stop in 2013? Disney has a whole vault of films that we may just see again in the coming years as 3D re-releases continue to be popular and the chance to make a few more bucks can’t be passed up on by Disney. staff writer Tim Martens

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I’m beginning to think Jafar was prominent in little Louie’s sexual awakening.

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