The Award Winners: 2010 Chicago International Film Festival

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CHICAGO – The 2010 46th Annual Chicago International Film Festival and Michael Kutza, Founder and Artistic Director, announced the competition award winners at a ceremony at the Pump Room in Chicago on October 16th. The Gold Hugo for Best Film went to “How I Ended the Summer,” from Russia.

Kutza made the announcements, along with Mimi Plauché, Head of Programming, and Associate Programmers Joel Hoglund and Penny Bartlett. The Pump Room is the legendary restaurant inside the Ambassador East Hotel in Chicago. The Festival’s highest honor is the Gold Hugo, named for the mythical God of Discovery.

StarInternational Feature Film Competition

’How I Ended My Summer’
’How I Ended The Summer’
Photo Credit: Chicago International Film Festival

The Gold Hugo for Best Film: “How I Ended the Summer” (Russia), directed by Aleksei Popogrebsky

The Silver Hugo – Special Jury Award: “A Somewhat Gentle Man” (Norway), directed by Hans Petter Moland

The Silver Hugo – Special Jury Award: “We Are What We Are” (Mexico), directed by Jorge Michel Grau

The Silver Hugo – Best Actor: Youssouf Djaoro of “A Screaming Man” (France/Belgium/Chad)

The Silver Hugo – Best Actress: Liana Liberato of “Trust” (USA)

The Silver Hugo: “Brother & Sister” (Argentina), directed by Daniel Burman

The Silver Hugo – Best Screenplay: Mahamat-Saleh Haroun of “A Screaming Man” (France/Belgium/Chad)

Gold Plaque: Márta Mészáros in recognition of her career in international cinema, on the occasion of “Last Report on Anna” (Hungary)

Silver Plaque: “The Matchmaker” (Israel), directed by Avi Nesher

StarNew Directors Competition

Photo Credit: Chicago International Film Festival

The Gold Hugo: “Shahada” (Germany), directed by Burhan Qurbani

The Silver Hugo “Norman” (USA), directed by Jonathan Segal

Gold Plaque: “Erratum” (Poland), directed by Marek Lechki

StarDocufest Competition

’Beautiful Darling’
’Beautiful Darling’
Photo Credit: Chicago International Film Festival

The Gold Hugo: “Beautiful Darling” (USA), directed by James Rasin

The Silver Hugo “The Minutemen” (USA), directed by Corey Wascinski

Gold Plaque: “Moving to Mars” (UK/Thailand), directed by Mat Whitecross

Silver Plaque: “Sex Magic” (USA), directed by Jonathan Schell, Eric Liebman

StarShort Film Competition

’Deeper Than Yesterday’
’Deeper Than Yesterday’
Photo Credit: Chicago International Film Festival

The Gold Hugo: “Deeper Than Yesterday” (Australia), directed by Ariel Kleiman

The Silver Hugo “The Swimmers” (Cuba), directed by Carlos Lechuga

Gold Plaque: “Grandmothers” (Brazil), directed by Michael Wahrmann

Gold Plaque: “The Descent” (Israel), directed by Shai Miedzinski

Silver Plaque – Best Animation: “Stanley Pickle” (UK), directed by Victoria Mather

The 46th Chicago International Film Festival is October 7th-21st, 2010. For more information and to purchase tickets, click on senior staff writer Patrick McDonald

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