Slideshow: 41-Image Gallery From L.A. Premiere of ‘Shrek Forever After’

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Walt Dohrn

CHICAGO – This 41-image slideshow contains red carpet images of celebrities arriving at the Los Angeles premiere of “Shrek Forever After” on May 16th, 2010. Celebrities in attendance include Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Antonio Banderas, Lake Bell, Steven Spielberg, and more.

You can click “Next” and “Previous” to scan through this slideshow or jump directly to individual photos with the captioned links below. Photos credited to Kevin Winter.

  1. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_01: Walt Dohrn

  2. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_02: Director Mike Mitchell

  3. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_03: Matthew Bomer

  4. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_04: Anthony Anderson

  5. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_05: Camryn Manheim

  6. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_06: Cheryl Hines

  7. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_07: Fivel Stewart and BooBoo Stewart

  8. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_08: Mark Hoppus

  9. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_09: Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas

  10. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_10: Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas

  11. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_11: Eddie Murphy

  12. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_12: Eddie Murphy

  13. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_13: Eddie Murphy

  14. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_14: Stacy Keibler

  15. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_15: Stacy Keibler

  16. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_16: Cameron Diaz

  17. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_17: Cameron Diaz

  18. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_18: Cameron Diaz

  19. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_19: Cameron Diaz

  20. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_20: Cameron Diaz

  21. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_21: Cameron Diaz

  22. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_22: Mike Myers

  23. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_23: Mike Myers

  24. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_24: Mike Myers

  25. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_25: Jeffrey Katzenberg

  26. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_26: Jeffrey Katzenberg and Mike Myers

  27. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_27: Mike Myers

  28. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_28: Lake Bell

  29. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_29: Lake Bell

  30. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_30: Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers

  31. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_31: Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers

  32. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_32: Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers

  33. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_33: Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers

  34. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_34: Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers

  35. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_35: Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers

  36. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_36: Lake Bell

  37. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_37: Steven Spielberg

  38. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_38: Steven Spielberg

  39. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_39: Walt Dohrn, Craig Robinson, and Mike Mitchell

  40. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_40: Mike Myers, Antonio Banderas, Walt Dohrn, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Craig Robinson, and Mike Mitchell

  41. Shrek_Forever_After_Premiere_41: Antonio Banderas, Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz content director Brian Tallerico

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