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What are the most famous/popular TV shows of 2010? Why? Let's discuss

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What are the most famous/popular TV shows of 2010? Why? Let’s discuss!

kc0jqz's picture

What are the most famous/ popular tv shows of 2010?

I like The Doctors Tv Show, and Dr. Oz. Very informative.I think our country will become more health concious because of these shows.

Anonymous's picture

The office is awesome show!!

You came up with such a great list of popular TV shows here. I think The Office is such a good combination of drama and comedy.

HollywoodChicago.com's picture

This list isn't from HollywoodChicago.com staffers

Please note: This isn’t an official list from HollywoodChicago.com staffers. This was posted to our discussion forums by a HollywoodChicago.com user.

The Nomad's picture


90210 and projet runway should totally be on that list!!vampire diaries is becoming popular too!!

rainrotoka's picture

Favorite Top Famous TV shows

In these days lots of TV shows are running, which are so much famous like “The Tudors” and “Spartacus blood and sand”. I think wondrous historical TV series and How we can forget about The “Nikita”. Guys! it’s awesome thriller show, I have ever seen. After Alias, Nikita is awesome show.

Anonymous's picture


Why isn’t the Office on here? or Glee? and since when has Dr. Who been more popular? This looks to have been written by someone who does not keep up with the times.

Anonymous's picture

Spot on The Office rewrote sitcom rules

Yes The Office - UK or US version - was ground breaking in just so many ways. We actually use the infamous team building day in our marketing - as in our corporate events are not like that. The Office has had a lot of credit but not as much as it deserves. Wait 10 years and lets see what programmes are talked about then.

Anonymous's picture

Go to tv.com

Anonymous's picture

why isnt phineas and ferb on

why isnt phineas and ferb on here?! thats like the best show ever!:)

frandavis's picture

There are lot of tv show

There are lot of tv show which are most famous and popular series of 2010. but here i would like to discuss about my best and favorite tv series of 2010. Which is grey’s anatomy. it’s an awesome medical drama but not a simple medical drama. This series contain almost all kinds of stuffs like Emotions, romance, comedy like drama stuffs. I just love it and like to watch it on every weekend. Some time i also goes online to Grey’s anatomy episodes when i feel comfortable myself. Whatever you all think about the show, But here i would like to choose it as a best and famous series of 2010.

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