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JIM Reviews film "X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE" -- The ‘Animal Magnetism’ isn’t enough to make it special =

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“X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE” – The ‘Animal Magnetism’ isn’t enough to make it special =
Rating: 7 of 10 stars.

There’s been a lot of controversy over the leaked early web release of this film. As to the claims of at least 2 newly-added scenes, there’s a minor one near the start of the end credits & one near the very end that lasts less than 20 seconds & is a ‘plot’ device you could’ve seen in loads of sci-fi films from literally 50 years ago. HUGH JACKMAN works hard as the title character, as does his main antagonist, his brother Victor / Sabretooth – (LIEV SCHREIBER). If you accept that this film was designed to explain like 150 or so years in the past lives of those 2 characters and introduce lots of other people seen in previous X-MEN films, then it does that fairly successfully— tho such short shrift is given to so many of the mutant creatures, it’s hard to feel ‘satisfied’ in knowing them. The audience gave the film mild applause, & 2 guys near me agreed with each other that it has a lot of ACTION & lots of good SPECIAL EFFECTS. It has some interesting elements, some decent acting, it’s a good ‘popcorn’ movie— but its stories and direction are often weak as a stand-alone effort &, sadly, not very special.

… As to those other characters you’ll meet in the film, here’s a run-down on some of them (& consider some of the info as semi-“Spoilers”!): The quasi-“governmental” guy trying to control the initial mutant group is Stryker, played by DANNY HUSTON… His ‘right-hand’ mutant, David North / Agent Zero, is played by DANIEL HENNEY, & he’s seen a fair amount during the film (especially compared to most others)… John Wraith / Kestrel (WILL.I.AM) has a recurring role as a teleporter who’s basically friendly to Wolverine…

… Bradley / Bolt (DOMINIC MONAGHAN) has a small role as a guy who can manipulate electricity… The Blob – a 700-pound hard-to-move guy (FRED J. DUKES) provides a little shall-we-call-it-almost-‘comic’ relief… Wade Wilson / Deadpool (a smarmy quipster with the ability to quickly heal, played by RYAN REYNOLDS) has a small antagonistic role… Weapon XI (SCOTT ADKINS) can absorb the powers of other mutants, & you barely see him…

… Blond-haired Emma Frost (TAHYNA TOZZI) is able to make her skin have a diamond hardness, & is able to be telepathic… Scott Summers / Cyclops (TIM POCOCK) can use his eyes to create blasts & melt things (ala Superman)… Remy Lebeau / Gambit (TAYLOR KITSCH, from TV’s ‘Friday Night Lights’), met near the end of the film, has the ability to give explosive energy to objects, & Wolverine asks for his help…

… Kayla Silverfox (LYNN COLLINS) plays an important role as a lover of Wolverine, with the ability to control the mind of anyone she can physically touch… And, there’s a “surprise” appearance near the end by a major character from the earlier X-MEN films… So, while the film has some fascinating elements, I doubt it’ll be a huge success [after like the 1st week, what with “STAR TREK& other blockbusters to be released close behind it]…

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