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Jim reviews “ALIEN TRESPASS” – The Day The Earth Stood PARTIALLY Still =

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ALIEN TRESPASS” – The Day The Earth Stood PARTIALLY Still =
Rating: 4 of 5 stars.

(From an advance preview of an April 3 release:) “It Came From Another Galaxy. A Creeping, Crawling Nightmare of Terror.” That tagline is used in this sendup of 1950-style SCI-FI movies. ERIC McCORMACK plays the typically “wooden” hero / scientist. JENNY BAIRD plays a diner waitress who becomes the heroine in helping “Marshall” Urp try to find and defeat the “Creature”. DAN LAURIA (the father in “The Wonder Years”) plays the Sheriff in Mojave with effective gruffness and moralism. There are the usual staples of such movies: the typically-cheesy-looking “special effects” from such period films, the “wild” teenagers, the crotchety and dim-witted townspeople, the disbelieving Law & Order people, and the unforgettable (as-much-as-you-might-like-to) dialogue (such as “EDSELS will be around forever!”). It really is almost “frighteningly” close to the old “B” movies of that era— but it’s also FUN, good-natured, periodically FUNNY (in a mild way), and an enjoyable 1.5 hours.

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I never said .....

i never said I thought the movie stunk just one of my friends who was able to go to that early screening . Although he thinks about every movie stinks, now that I think about it . Ill have to see if I can find it in a theater now before it is gone. Thanks for the review.


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Response to Comments on my Review of "ALIEN TRESPASS"

I get a kick out of films that gently & effectively recall some of the more enjoyable “SIMPLER” times of the past. We seldom get real “homage” films of that type, as opposed to schlocky, overdone efforts. In a way, “ALIEN TRESPASS” reminded me of Joe Dante’s 1993 film “MATINEE” in which John Goodman played a special effects whiz (ala William Castle) who creates a sci-fi “DISASTER” film & “live” extravaganza wherein a guy is a “Mant” (1/2 Man and 1/2 Ant) who “terrorizes” the people around him.

In “ALIEN TRESPASS”, things are played “STRAIGHT” (like the 1950’s “Sci-Fi “B” movies it’s “resurrecting”) rather than to make “FUN” of such films via an “IN-joke” snideness. I agree with Adam that it’s UNLIKELY to have a “mass” appeal, because it ISN’T quite “snide” or sarcastic (or “clever”) enough for today’s typical audience.

… I found it really WELL-DONE as a “revival” of the old-time Sci-Fi “B’s”— but, since what little advertising that’s being done is pretty “STRAIGHTFORWARD” about what “KIND” of movie it is (except for the clearly kidding postcard ads saying that it’s a recent “discovery” of a “lost” 1957 film), it seems unlikely people would bother GOING to such a film unless they’re INTERESTED in an homage of its type. Thus, (unlike the friend of Brian /Italkfilm who thought it “stunk”), I doubt people who are likely to “hate” it would bother to PAY to see it at all.

… To me, “ALIEN TRESPASS” was “cute” / charming (rather than wildly funny), & it’s very UNUSUAL for a film of its type to be MADE at all in this day & age. I don’t think it’s witty or “different” enough (ala “ROCKY HORROR”) to be able to reach much of a “CULT” status— but, possibly people will go out of their way to see it for its comparatively “UNIQUE” way to see people “offed” (via kitschy “aliens” rather than today’s ever-present psychopathic slashers or vampires)!…

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Alien Trepass a cult film?

I wanted to see this film when it was out. Too bad I just could not make time. Sounds like it was actually worth seeing. Although one of my good friends said it absolutely stunk. Now I am interested, and want to see it even more. Just to see what side of the fence I am on for this one.


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italkfilm wrote:
I wanted to see this film when it was out. Too bad I just could not make time. Sounds like it was actually worth seeing. Although one of my good friends said it absolutely stunk. Now I am interested, and want to see it even more. Just to see what side of the fence I am on for this one.

Yeah. It’ll “absolutely stink” for some people or come off as a work of art for others. It’s definitely one to love or hate.

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'Alien Trespass'...

I’ve seen in, too. It’s definitely a film people will love or hate. It won’t have mass appeal. But doesn’t it already have the feel of a cult film?

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