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These are the most-trafficked arts and entertainment discussion threads on the HollywoodChicago.com forums.

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Johnny Depp has landed in Chicago for 'Public Enemies' filming! HollywoodChicago.com 718,587
Bert Stern reshoots 1962 Marilyn Monroe nude photo session with Lindsay Lohan substituting IHeartCelebs 453,890
Sandra Bullock nude pictures in 'The Proposal' with Ryan Reynolds! IHeartCelebs 388,669
'Jersey Shore' star Jennifer 'Jwoww' Farley nude see-through dress pictures! IHeartCelebs 336,654
LOVEFiLM: Instantly watch streamed films and rent DVDs, Blu-rays and games! HollywoodChicago.com 297,162
Actress Malin Akerman nude in 'Watchmen,' topless in Maxim IHeartCelebs 267,271
Jennifer Lawrence nude bikini pictures from Oscar-nominated 'Winter's Bone'! Anonymous 208,239
New 'Iron Man' evolution movie poster! HollywoodChicago.com 175,866
Jennifer Aniston's sudsy sex scene revealed in upcoming film 'Management' with Steve Zahn IHeartCelebs 172,451
Attending the AMC "BEST PICTURE" film fest in Chicago on 2-21-09 jimchudnow@sbcg... 157,699
Katy Perry nude bikini pictures! Anonymous 154,833
Charlize Theron nude pictures in Playboy IHeartCelebs 137,975
Nude photos surface of Academy Award-winning 'Juno' screenwriter Diablo Cody IHeartCelebs 133,516
Jennifer Aniston sex scene in 'The Good Girl' with Jake Gyllenhaal IHeartCelebs 132,509
Interesting Colin Farrell thread on his personal life, dating, drinking HollywoodChicago.com 118,480
'World's sexiest woman’ Megan Fox from 'Transformers' takes you inside her dressing room IHeartCelebs 104,592
Mary-Louise Parker nude pictures in Esquire IHeartCelebs 93,146
What are the most famous/popular TV shows of 2010? Why? Let's discuss hollywoodchicag 90,618
Kim Kardashian nude in Super Bowl XLV ad! IHeartCelebs 83,438
Evan Rachel Wood nude pictures in I.D. Magazine IHeartCelebs 81,016
Alex Skarsgard nude video! (Eric in HBO's 'True Blood') IHeartCelebs 79,609
'The Hills' star Heidi Montag shoots nude photos for Playboy! IHeartCelebs 78,298
'Stargate Universe' star Elyse Levesque naked bikini pictures! IHeartCelebs 77,581
DONE! Anonymous users can now add name, e-mail, URL with comments HollywoodChicago.com 75,731
'Glee' star Lea Michele caught flashing in slow motion for Super Bowl XLV car ad! IHeartCelebs 75,105
'High School Musical' star Vanessa Hudgens nude, wet in Details! IHeartCelebs 72,371
First on-set picture of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine! HollywoodChicago.com 70,114
'Gossip Girl' star Michelle Trachtenberg naked lingerie pictures for Maxim! IHeartCelebs 67,238
Ashley Greene nude pictures from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse actress! IHeartCelebs 64,461
Christina Aguilera nude pictures! Confirmed real! IHeartCelebs 60,174
Miley Cyrus nude in Marie Claire magazine! IHeartCelebs 56,003
IMDb users vote Paris Hilton's new movie as worst of all time HollywoodChicago.com 51,461
Scarlett Johansson nude, lesbian kiss with Penelope Cruz in 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' IHeartCelebs 49,485
'Dexter,' 'Spartacus' star Jaime Murray nude! IHeartCelebs 48,882
Natalie Portman nude (star of 'Black Swan')! IHeartCelebs 47,192
'House M.D.' star Olivia Wilde nude! IHeartCelebs 46,818
Playboy playmate Jaime Edmonston nude in Green Bay Packers gear! IHeartCelebs 42,936
Katie Jordan Price's 18-year-old sister Sophie Price shows world 32E breast augmentation IHeartCelebs 40,640
Avril Lavigne nude in Vanity Fair! IHeartCelebs 38,185
Page Numbers and First and Last on Forum Thread Dustin 36,483

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