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Top Apps, Games for iPad, iPhone in 2011

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It is no exaggeration to say that there are now more than 600,000 iPhone apps and more than 100,000 iPad apps available. Do you think iPhone or iPad is the capable assistant or a surprisingly powerful portable games machine for you? Whatever your answer is, the great apps for iPhone, iPad are necessary and important. For example, the iPad has really grown in this last year, both as a gaming platform and as a tool that does just about everything.

But what apps should you get to show it at its best? Although there are a lot of great free iPad apps to choose from, But time is more valuable than money. Also, there are many great iPhone, iPad apps worth paying for - even the ones that are not games.

It turns your iPad into the ultimate photo editor. Take any regular photo and transform it into something extraordinary with dozens of applicable effects and edits. You can play with focus, add a myriad of fun textures and filters, tweak it to perfection and even frame it with an image border. Once your gorgeous creation is complete, easily save and share the photo with friends and family with the touch of a button. This is definitely a great app for any picture-lover. I was unable to copy pictures to ipad more and more. LOL

I think it’s the most popular social mobile photography app. The winner of Apple’s coveted “best app of 2011” award, Instagram is a huge hit which has revolutionized sharing photos via iPhone and iPad. While the regular camera on your iPhone does a decent job, Instagram helps spruce-up your images by applying lots of cool filters and lens effects to give your images a unique look and feel. But what makes Instagram a success is its sharing capabilities. Once you’re happy with your retro-looking shot, it’s easy to upload and share quickly with friends. Instagram makes the whole process simple and seamless, offering unlimited uploads for iPhone users who love to document their day with pictures.

Ihis is a very cool app. It’s a professional grade DJ song mixing app, and like GarageBand, it’s fun to play around with even if you aren’t a professional. You can mix any tracks from your iTunes library, or maybe even your own GarageBand compositions, record your creation, and show it off to your friends. You can transfer music from ipad to computer for backup, maybe There are plenty of tricks and features to enjoy, and there’s even support for iCloud and AirPlay. I definitely recommend it to music enthusiasts, even if it is on the pricey side.

And certainly, VidRhythm(Harmonix’s video-splicing music sampling app),WunderList(free cloud-sync task manager) are the excellent apps.

The features, speed and overall coolness of the iPad 2, iPhone 4S make Apple’s products the revolutionary gaming device. While we all like to get things for free, some are simply worth paying for. What are the best games worth downloading in the past year?

Dead Space for iPad
Successfully mixing survival horror and first person shooters, wrapped in a healthy dose of quality storytelling, Dead Space for iPad is one of the top games for 2011 to date. This game combined intuitive touch and tilt controls with smart use of the platform’s limited graphics capabilities to really impress us all. This prequel to Dead Space is an original, must-play addition to EA’s franchise. You’re a willing pawn in an unfolding conflict between EarthGov and the Church of Unitology, and you’ll need every gun that’s near at hand to fight your way out of this one. Play over a table, or you may drop your iPad in fright!

Tiny Tower
Tiny Tower might not charge you anything to get in, this addictive 8-bit-style game will cost you a lot of time. The main point of this resource-management game is to build a tower, complete with floors of apartments, entertainment, eateries, retail shops, and so on. You’re in charge of a residential or business block of towers and you can build floors in order to attract “bitizens” to live in your apartment and manage their lives (similar to SimCity). The app uses gameplay elements made popular by other games such as FarmVille, so, for example, you can go to sleep while the construction crew takes eight hours to build a new floor to your tower.

Tiny Wings
In addition to being the game that officially dethroned Angry Birds as the No. 1 paid app in the iTunes App Store, Tiny Wings is a simple and addictive arcade game that is well worth the 99-cent download cost. Players assume the role of a tiny bird with tiny wings that really wants to fly. The goal is to see just how far the bird can fly until the sun goes down.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
This is a game that takes the idea of being ridiculously original and memorable, and cranks it up to 11. Anyone who appreciates video games as art will fall instantly in love with Sword & Sworcery EP. This app masquerades as an “experimental treatment for acute soul-sickness,” challenging you to double-tap the screen to make your way through the 8-bit fantasy landscape. Taking on the role of an adventurer, you’ll meet interesting people along the way, swing your sword, interact with the environment, and become one with this unique offering. The music and sound design are a heavy emphasis here, occasionally providing clues to the player, and headphones are highly recommended. This is one of the most visually striking and beautiful games I’ve ever seen. It’s like the pixelated equivalent of Infinity Blade II. This is a true gaming “experience” that needs to be played and enjoyed firsthand to really understand. It’s another example of the creativity and innovation that is flooding out of the indie gaming scene.

There are Contre Jour HD and Touchgrind BMX as well. Also, the two games are worth downloading.

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