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Screenplay Surfaces Online For Oscar-Worthy ‘There Will Be Blood’ With Daniel Day-Lewis

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“There Will Be Blood” is among the best films of 2007. Period. An Oscar-worthy performance by Daniel Day-Lewis helps to make this picture Oscar worthy in its own right.

Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood
Daniel Day-Lewis in “There Will Be Blood”.
Photo credit: IMDb

A haunting supporting performance by Paul Dano (“Little Miss Sunshine,” “The Girl Next Door”) isn’t one you’ll soon forget, too.

Aside from his 2005 work in “The Ballad of Jack and Rose,” we last saw Day-Lewis in film all the way back in 2002 for his gritty “Gangs of New York” performance.

There Will Be Blood
“There Will Be Blood”.
Photo credit: IMDb

“There Will Be Blood” is as worthy as any for him to bring the familiar character out of hibernation.

While you’d be remiss not to see this in theaters, you can read now why director Paul Thomas Anderson (who adapted the film’s screenplay from the Upton Sinclair novel “Oil!”) deserves your attention.

Paul Dano in There Will Be Blood
Paul Dano in “There Will Be Blood”.
Photo credit: IMDb

Anderson also directed “Punch-Drunk Love” and “Magnolia”. The full screenplay is below. Warning: This is a thorough spoiler alert.

Click for the full “There Will Be Blood” screenplay.

I downloaded this screenplay from this Paramount Vantage link.

Daniel Day-Lewis (left middle) in There Will Be Blood
Daniel Day-Lewis (left middle) in “There Will Be Blood”.
Photo credit: IMDb

Though the film only opened in limited New York City and Los Angeles theaters on Dec. 26, it will expand in Jan. 2008. Before that, 14 cities are being treated to a midnight sneak screening on Dec. 29.

Daniel Day-Lewis (left) and Dillon Freasier on Dec. 10, 2007 for There Will Be Blood
Daniel Day-Lewis (left) and Dillon Freasier
on Dec. 10, 2007 for “There Will Be Blood”.
Photo credit: WireImage.com

These include Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, Toronto and Washington, D.C. See our Dec. 23 post for more.

Daniel Day-Lewis (left) and director Paul Thomas Anderson in There Will Be Blood
Daniel Day-Lewis (left) and director Paul Thomas Anderson
in “There Will Be Blood”.
Photo credit: IMDb

Other Paramount Vantage scripts are also online for “The Kite Runner,” “A Mighty Heart,” “Margot at the Wedding” and “Into the Wild”.

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