Takes Creative Blogger’s Liberty on 2007 Entertainment Hall of Fame, Shame List

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Did you know has a film and television blog called the Amazon Screening Room?

I didn’t know either until just a moment ago when I accidentally stumbled upon it in hopes of a hopeless update on when I’ll receive a Kindle electronic reader. In any event, the blog’s Dec. 27 post is an interesting one to say the least.

It’s a list of 2007 hall of fame and shame selections in movies and television. There’s no information about the writer (just an “Ellen” byline) and she obviously took creative liberty with her award categories (i.e. “Biggest Pillaging of Indie Cred” and “You Told Everyone They Had to Watch it, Then it Started to Suck”).

While her credentials as a film and television critic are mysterious, you can tell “Ellen” has been paying attention this year. If for no other reason at all, it’s at least an entertaining read. Though I can’t say I agree with her choices, I’ve listed some of her selections below.

Biggest Year of Their Careers (So Far)
Josh Brolin (“No Country For Old Men,” “Grindhouse,” “In the Valley of Elah,” “American Gangster”)
Shia LaBeouf (“Disturbia,” “Transformers”)

Biggest Likely Oscar Winner No One’s Heard Of
Amy Ryan: “Gone Baby Gone”

Biggest Pillaging of Indie Cred
Paul Giamatti: “The Nanny Diaries,” “Shoot ’Em Up,” “Fred Claus”

Most Common Movie Theme
War: “Charlie Wilson’s War,” “Lions For Lambs,” “The Kingdom,” “Redacted,” “Grace is Gone,” “Rescue Dawn”

Most Disappointing Showing For an Oscar Winner
Meryl Streep: “Lions For Lambs,” “Evening”

Coolest Movie Title
“Hot Fuzz”

You Told Everyone They Had to Watch it, Then it Started to Suck
“Friday Night Lights”

Show I’m Completely Divorcing This Year Out of Outrage
“Prison Break” (it better be the final season or I’m demanding alimony)

Best Three-Fer
Philip Seymour Hoffman (“Charlie Wilson’s War,” “The Savages,” “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”)

Biggest Quashing of “A”-List Potential
Jessica Alba (“Awake,” “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,” “Good Luck Chuck”)

Wisest Film Choice For a TV Star
Patrick Dempsey: “Enchanted”
Katherine Heigl: “Knocked Up”

Unwisest Film Choice For a TV Star
Lauren Graham: “Evan Almighty,” “Because I Said So”

Coolest Show to Like
“Pushing Daisies”

When Numbers Work in Movie Titles
“300,” “1408,” “3:10 to Yuma”

When Numbers Don’t Work in Movie Titles
“Thr3e,” “The Ten,” “Reno 911: Miami,” “30 Days of Night,” “P2”

The full 2007 entertainment hall of fame and shame list by blogger “Ellen” can be found here.

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